Empower and engage citizens in forming a volunteer network to enhance emergency preparedness and community health in the Wildcat Region (Geary County, Pottawatomie County, and Riley County), which is integrated into established community emergency systems to facilitate a coordinated approach to volunteer management.

  • ICS 100.b: Introduction to Incident Command System
  • ICS 700.a: Introduction to National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Mass Dispensing Overview: An SNS Perspective
  • Personal Preparedness

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Region MRC

The Wildcat Public Health Preparedness Region is in northeast Kansas. It is comprised of Geary, Pottawatomie, and Riley counties. Ft. Riley, an army installation falls within both Geary and Riley counties, and is a partner as well. 

There are basic training requirements for each volunteer. Depending on your level of interest and the role you want, additional trainings are available!

What Is the MRC?

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of over 200,000 volunteers, organized locally to improve the health and safety of their communities. Volunteers include medical and public health professionals, as well as other community members without healthcare backgrounds. MRC units engage these volunteers to strengthen public health, improve emergency response capabilities and build community resiliency. 

Why volunteer?

  • Free training opportunities help prepare you and your family for emergencies
  • MRC units are a significant benefit to local public health efforts 
  • It's an opportunity to belong to a group with a strong sense of mission and purpose