Region MRC

All documents must be returned to your Local Unit Coordinator via email, fax, mail, or in person. For documents returned by email or fax please scan in signed copy.

Geary County Local Unit Coordinator

Julie Hettinger

Email: jhettinger@rileycountyks.gov or jhettinger@gcphd.org

Phone: 785-762-5788 

Fax: 785-762-5025

Address: 1212 W Ash St. Junction City, KS

Pottawatomie County Local Unit Coordinator

Liz Parthemer

Email: lparthemer@pottcounty.org

Phone: 785-457-3719

Fax: 785-457-2144

Address: 320 Main PO Box 310 Westmoreland, KS 66549

Riley County Local Unit Coordinator

Name: Andrew Adams

Email: aadams@rileycountyks.gov

Phone: 785-776-4779 ext. 7633

Fax: 785-565-6566 

Address: 2030 Tecumseh Rd, Manhattan, KS 66502.

Volunteer Registration

Steps to becoming an active member: 

1.Send coordinator completed application, confidentiality form, liability form, and classification form (see below)
2.Register on K-SERV


3.Register on MRC-TRAIN


4.Complete training courses
5.Request an Identification badge after all requirements are met

·          * Send coordinator a jpg. head shot with a white background

The following are requirements to become a member of the Wildcat Region Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). Forms to return are in bold. *Scroll down to download the word version.

All volunteers

☐  Volunteer must be 18 years or older

☐  Application (on-file)

☐  Cleared background check (on-file)

☐  Confidentiality form (on-file)

☐  Liability form(on-file)

☐  Contact information current within K-SERV

☐  Maintain access to KS-TRAIN/MRC-TRAIN

☐  Follow all Code of Conduct requirements

☐  Complete all required training (see training courses tab)

☐  Volunteer Classification (on-file)


Additional requirements for level 1 “active”  volunteers

☐  Volunteer four (4) non-emergency hours per year

☐  One (1) additional training and exercise per year

☐  Attend one (1) MRC meeting per year